New social profile ranking game

  • 1. Own your square on the map for free & use it as your public profile

  • 2. Upload your best photos there

  • 3. Increase your square's value by increasing the visitors on your profile

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mysquare world - monopoly meets photo sharing, on a map

mysquare world is the ultimate photo ranking game with the objective to develop your square into the most expensive property on your area. Claim your square, in the area of your choice, develop it by publishing the most amazing photos that say your story and see it's value increase as your followers and your visitors increase.

And if you publish things that people like, your photos will go on the map for the world to see. But if you don't have enough social leverage for that, don't worry. You can earn credits while exploring and use them in auctions for putting your photo on the map.

Claim your square

Claim your square in your neighborhood or at a location that is spacial to you and publish your photos there

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Change the map

Change the photos for each region on the map by voting for your favorite photos

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Increase your square's value

Increase your square's value by getting your friends to vote for your photos

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What's your story?

Everyone has a story. Put yours in picture on mysquare world!

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